Homestay in Mikkeli

Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd

Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd is a sawmill situated in Mikkeli, in the South Savo district in Finland. Since 1994 Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd has produced and sold KD spruce lumber and purchased it from Scandinavia and other EU countries. KD lumber is exported to Japan.

Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd in brief:




Product Capacity

Managing director

3 230 000 €

Misawa Homes Co., Ltd
Techno Factories and Construction Co., Ltd
Yamanashi Housing Industries Co., Ltd
Nanatanigawa Lumber Industries Co., Ltd
Metsäliitto Cooperative
South-Savo Energy Ltd

33 (production 25, office 7)

Sawmill: 82 000 m3/Hew Saw R200SE

Tomoharu Iida

Misawa Homes builds homes based on three pillars of operation: creating spaces that foster children's character development, creating communities in which customers build assets and protecting the global environment. The Company manages the overall operations of the Group so it can respond quickly to market fluctuations and customer needs in the areas of design, product development, procurement, production, construction, sales and after-sale services.


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Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd is part of Misawa Homes Group.


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